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It is no surprise that tall people usually get praised for their height - a natural attribute that makes them stand out and have a stronger physical presence. But even if you miss a few inches compared to the desirable height standards, there's no need to worry! Our invisible elevator insoles are here to enhance your self-image, increase your level of confidence, and as a result, have more success.

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Why Choose The Look Tall Now Slip-In Insoles?

Heavenly Soft Comfort

Walk through a room with maximum courage and confidence. Our insoles are super cushiony and can absorb shock while walking to ensure you stay impressive and comfortable all day long.

Natural Height

These insoles will easily slip into your shoes without broadcasting themselves to people around you. Exactly what you need to get a few extra inches naturally and stylishly.

Universal Design

From casual and everyday shoes to more formal alternatives, these height increase insoles are ideal for every shoes type and style. Your must-have height booster for any occasion!

Hold Your Head Up Higher

Discover how a pair of insoles can cheer you up, improve your relationships, and fuel your motivation!

Instant Height Boost

All you have to do is place the insoles in your shoes, and you will instantly have 3.5 inches of extra height! A versatile accessory that you can use anywhere, anytime you need to level up your stature and rock a head-turning style.

Take Your Image (And Self-Esteem) To New Heights

No one can resist a person who radiates confidence! A few additional inches are enough to improve how you see yourself and take your self-esteem to the next level. Wearing these soles is an easy, quick, and comfortable way to give yourself that extra dose of much-wanted confidence and feel more powerful and attractive than ever before.

Enhance Your Social Status

When thinking of ways to improve your social status and gain people's respect, height may not come first in your mind, but it sure has a place on the top of the list. Looking people in the eyes when you talk makes you feel more sure about yourself and what you want - regardless if it's a professional, social, or romantic relationship.


The Easy Height Increasing Insoles feature insole stress points and a gel tube to absorb all kinds of shocks as you walk, climb, jump or dance. The contoured insole design also offers plenty of support to your heels and arch, ensuring that increased height doesn’t come at the cost of comfort.
  • Quantity Per Pack
  • One left and one right
  • Shoe Size
  • One size fits all (With easy size markers, all you have to do is cut along the lines to achieve the perfect fit for your feet’s size.)
  • Height Amount
  • Fully Adjustable to 4 different sizes: 1", 2", 2.75", & 3.5"
  • Comfort
  • Air Shock Absorption technology
  • Gender
  • These inserts are Unisex and one-size-fits-all
  • Discreet
  • No one will ever know you’re wearing these ;)
Most orders are shipped the same day but not later than 24 hours from receipt of order. Orders are shipped from Chicago, IL. You can return or exchange your item at any time, no questions asked!

The Key To Elevating Your Height, Style & Mood

Add these invisible insoles to your daily routine and reap the positive physical and psychological benefits of being a few inches taller! Order your pair today and get one more pair of soles for FREE! Don't Waste Another Minute!

Buy One Pair and Get One Pair Free: Easy Height Increasing Insoles

Sale: Buy One Pair and Get One Pair Free, Plus FREE SHIPPING! Get that instant boost of height and confidence you've been looking for.    The Easy Height Increasing Insoles give you a boost of height of up to 3.5 inches within seconds. From the moment you walk with these,...

Customer Reviews


Feelin' Tall


Surprisingly, this is one of the most comfortable I've ever used. I didn't even have to cut it. Wear a size 8 in all my Aldos and they fit without the added bottom piece perfectly for a 1" gain (I'll take it). The size 9 Aldo I have here, fits the bottom piece too. It's like a 3" gain with heel! Takes me from my 5'-5-1/2" to 5'-8'-1/2". Also, I can walk normally in both scenarios. The 2" takes a bit more practice, but at the least the shoe doesn't look like those funny shoes. Normal, casual dress shoe. Practice your gait a little, increase your stride in walking, and stand up straight! I get it, people may think you're cheating anyways with the heel shoes, but at least in my case, it puts me in distance to talking to more people and yes that does matter, even with girls (again for my case). Being closer to eye level with anyone you're talking to will help. We're all human after all. I wear these with my flat shoes, but not in my running/training shoes.

If your weren't able to pick your parents like I wasn't


If you weren't able to pick your parents like I wasn't, then these will help get you a little closer to "normal height". Got a kick out of reading reviews where guys 5'10" didn't think they were tall enough. I'll trade anyone of you a million bucks if you will switch heights with me (I'm 5'3"). They're comfortable enough to put up with for hours on end.

At last! I can stand straight!

Jay Sanz

Long story short, I was born with a few imperfections; one of them being a shorter leg. I had been evaluated by an Orthopedist when I was younger, and he prescribed orthopedic heel lifts. Needless to say, the local manufacturer charged my insurance about $300 for a carved piece of rubber. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I came across this product. After evaluating this product (and other related products) and reading the reviews, I decided to give it a try. I really wasn't expecting this type of quality! I am very happy because I don't have to walk with a limp anymore. And I can display my real height! I can't say enough about this product! Sorry for all the exclamation points, but I really am happy! Thanks!



Fits in my high top converse perfectly without even being able to tell it's there. Had to tie the laces a bit higher and tighter to give more ankle support since your heel is much higher up with these on. Weirdly enough wearing the full 2" height increase is actually more comfortable than just the base by itself for some reason. I think cause the arch support was in a weird location for me otherwise. Really happy with this though and my new height.

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